OPERATION EDUCATE was created on the heels of the Georgia Senate Elections. During the election process, Georgia voters were being led to the polls with inaccurate information presented as fact. Many Main Stream Media outlets outright refused to inform voters of certain candidates (Particularly, Minister Derrick Grayson, Art Gardner and Eugene Yu.) They would have you believe that there were only five candidates in the Senate race. While we want to blame the Mainstream Media for this atrocity, there were four candidates, Rep. Paul Broun, Rep. Jack Kingston, Rep. Phil Gingrey and David Perdue, who were caught regurgitating the very same thing that the media was passing off to the general public, claiming that there were only four or five candidates in the race.

We intend to change this tactic

Informed voters guarantee better government. We seek to inform common sense voters with factual information about issues and legislative process. We will need participation by each and every one of you. If we are wrong, TELL us and back it up with facts. We are not above righting a wrong!

Most everything we post on here will be directed at the State of Georgia and our elected officials. If we must go outside the state, we will.

We are going to be traveling the State of Georgia, engaging folks at the local level. We will NEVER charge to come to your event, although donations for fuel will never be turned down!

Please see our FAQ page for specific questions regarding Operation Educate.

If you have any information that is happening in your congressional district and want to get it out in the open, please inbox us and we will do our best to get it published!

We are 100% non-partisan, simply because we understand that the problems plaguing our state comes from both sides of the isle. If you’re looking for a Right Wing or Left Wing outlet, you have come to the wrong place. If you have come for the TRUTH, we welcome you with open arms!



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