Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) Is Operation Educate affiliated with Derrick Grayson for Senate?

Operation Educate was formed on the heels of the Georgia Senate elections. On the day of the primaries, Derrick Grayson announced his intentions to challenge incumbent Senator, Johnny Isakson. To put it simply, Campaign for Liberty is to Ron Paul, as Operation Educate is to Derrick Grayson.

2.) Is Operation Educate a non-profit organization?

No. Operation Educate is an extension of Grayson Committee. Any donations will go directly to the Grayson Committee account and are reported to the FCC on a quarterly basis. A copy of our financial disclosure can be found on the Georgia Secretary of State website.

3.) Is Operation Educate partisan?

Absolutely not! No politician is safe with us. Republican and Democrat “Royals” have gone unchecked for far too long. We feel it is time to start holding their feet to the fire. We elect them to REPRESENT us and they are doing a horrible job at it. If a representative is caught voting for unconstitutional bills, we will call them out on it, no matter what party they belong to.

4.) You said that you are going to travel the state, does that include area’s like Savannah and Valdosta?

Absolutely! If we are asked to come speak at an event in South Georgia, all we ask is that you schedule it on a weekend and give us at minimum four (4) weeks notice. (Donations for gas and travel are greatly appreciated)

5.) Who should I contact to schedule an event in my town?

Please submit all inquiries here or send an email to our Operations Manager, Jason Turner: jason@graysoncommittee.com

6.) Is there a minimum number of participants needed before you will come out and speak?

No. Whether it’s 4 people or 40, we will come to your town. Our core team will work closely with the organizers of the event to promote it.

7.) If I volunteer, what id expected of me?

First of all, THANK YOU for even considering to volunteer. This question is VERY hard to answer. If you’re a district coordinator, you could very well be working long hours, as you have a lot on your plate in the district. (This position isn’t cut out for everyone.) If you want to get involved as a county coordinator, you can expect to spend the bulk of your time organizing your team’s and getting folks “Boots on Ground” and knocking on doors. Alternatively, you could volunteer as a precinct captin.

8.) What positions are available to volunteers?

Currently, we are in need of the following positions:

Organizational Management: District, County and Precinct Coordinators

Content production, Graphics Artist, Social Media Evangelist

Logistics: Event Organizer

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