Johnny “The $7 Trillion Man” Isakson – Budget and Spending

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Operation Educate strives to bring you the most accurate information on political happenings. As we move into the next election season, we will start posting the voting records of candidates that directly contradict each political party’s core values. Each claim that we make, will ALWAYS be backed up with a link attached on every vote.

To understand WHY Sen. Isakson likes to spend so much money, in YOUR name, here is a good starting point.

Here is a list of 15 ways that Sen. Johnny Isakson has sold out America, over the last 16 years. Sources are cited at the bottom of the article for your review.

BeFunky_130909232924-lead-intv-johnny-isakson-syria-strike-vote-00005310-horizontal-gallery.pngBudget & Spending

  • Voted against cutting federal funding to the tax-payer supported National Endowment for the Arts [1],[2]
  • Voted against a 2001 amendment replacing the proposed budget with the RSC budget alternative, which contained more spending cuts[3]
  • Voted in favor of emergency spending with no offsets in 2011($3.7 billion)[4]
  • Voted in favor of a continuing resolution that violated the agreed upon Ryan Budget levels by $24 billion in 2011[5]
  • Voted in favor of a 1,200-page budget-busting Omnibus spending bill in 2011 (Massive Pork, nearly $20 billion above the President’s requested level.) [6]
  • Voted in favor of the Ryan-Murray budget deal in 2013 (The budget disregards of the sequester savings, the only spending control achieved in recent history. It would increase spending $63 billion above the budget caps set by Budget Control Act of 2011.) [7]
  • Voted in 2013, against the Paul, Cruz, Lee Budget. (This bill cut the size of government in half by 2025 and balancing the federal budget) [8]
  • Voted against an amendment cutting spending in a Hurricane Sandy disaster relief bill and offsetting the remaining cost in 2013 ($51 billion and offset with spending cuts) [9]
  • Voted against an amendment balancing the budget within five years without raising taxes in 2013[10]
  • Voted in favor of the $12.2 billion Water Resources Development Act in 2013[11]
  • Voted in favor of the Senate negotiated spending and debt deal to end the government shutdown, raise the debt ceiling and fund Obamacare in 2013[12]
  • Voted in favor of the Omnibus Spending Bill following the government shutdown in 2014 ($1.1 TRILLION) [13]
  • Voted in favor of a motion to waive budget points of order allowing spending in the Veterans’ bill to occur outside existing federal budget caps in 2014 (increase direct spending by roughly $35 billion) [14]
  • Voted in favor of the Budget Control Act in 2011, which included a $2.4 billion increase in the debt ceiling, the largest increase in American history  [15]


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