Johnny “Obamacare” Isakson – Obamacare

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Operation Educate strives to bring you the most accurate information on political happenings. As we move into the next election season, we will start posting the voting records of candidates that directly contradict each political party’s core values. Each claim that we make, will ALWAYS be backed up with a link attached to every vote.

Senator Johnny Isakson has been a cheerleader for the Obama Administration since the day he took office. Isakson’s support of the Affordable” Healthcare Act, more commonly referred to as Obamacare, is just another piece of puzzle for this liberal Republican.



  • Voted to create Medicare Part D in 2003[1]
  • Isakson opposed the effort to defund Obamacare in 2013, asserting that it would not shutdown Obamacare; rather it would “disrupt a fragile economy.” He also said it was “unfortunate” that Ted Cruz’s filibuster took away 21 hours of debate from the budget bill.[2]
  • Isakson also spoke on the Senate floor in opposition to the defund effort,[3] saying Republicans should move forward to fund Obamacare because, “It cost us a speakership. It cost us leadership in the House, and politically, that’s unsustainable and something we shouldn’t do.” [4]
  • Voted for funding for Obamacare[5] on a bill to re-open the government in October 2013.
  • Voted for a procedural vote that gave Harry Reid the ability to strike defund language for Obamacare from a spending bill in 2013[6]
  • Voted in 2013 to oppose Medicare reform that includes vouchers[7]
  • Voted in favor of the Miller-Sanders Veterans Bill, creating a new entitlement set to cost $500 billion over the next decade in 2014. The Miller-Sanders Veterans package not only fails to address to the systemic failures at the VA, but it creates an unproven new entitlement that puts the American people on the hook for an already failed program and does absolutely NOTHING to get at the VA’s problematic failures. You can’t fix a problem by spending your way out of it. This solution is not sustainable and only continues to fail our veterans. [8]

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