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 “Who are you gonna vote for?”

Daniel Louis Crumpton  www.zeninthecar.com

Daniel Louis Crumpton

 This is a question I frequently get asked around election time. As of late I really haven’t known how to answer such a query. I want to believe that voting still matters, I want to believe that when I make my selection at the polls it will actually be counted. Yet as my father used to say, wish in one hand and defecate in the other and see which one fills up faster. The truth of the matter is, I don’t believe that voting does that much good anymore. From personal experience I can tell you that before any names get on the ballot the names are pretty much preselected by the big money in the two different parties…which aren’t all that different.
The last time I committed myself to a candidate or a campaign was when Derrick Grayson ran for senate in my home state of Georgia. By far he was the most educated when it came to the
Constitution, the most emboldened when it came to my rights, and the most passionate when it came to preserving the Republic our founding fathers intended for me and my progeny. I was enthusiastic that finally a candidate had arisen with the flame in his hand that Ron Paul had reignited and I was more than willing to jump head first into his bid for senate. He tore the house down with every debate, decimating his opponents with sheer common sense and ten simple amendments that any high school flunkey could grasp that had a natural knack for self-preservation. Yet at the end of the day; his candidacy was shut down by not only the main stream media, but the Republican Party as well.
If silly tricks like having the live stream from debates sabotaged wasn’t enough, there was always the nifty trick of having other bought out candidates calling up dismissed convictions from twenty years prior brought up to deal with. It was becoming apparently obvious that the Republican Party simply did not want to run a candidate that actually believed in the Constitution. They didn’t want someone going to Washington that would actually stand up for the people; they wanted someone who was going to tow the party line. Derrick Grayson was not that guy.
As I watched not only as a citizen, but as a journalist, I couldn’t help but to think that this thing was a machine. Neither party was compelled by ideology; they were compelled by simply winning. This had nothing to do with the welfare of the people or their rights; this had everything to do with winning a race. Much like a bet on the Sunday football game. The mistreatment of Derrick Grayson in the race for senate was disgusting enough an ordeal for me to evaluate if voting mattered altogether. At the end of the day I had to make the choice, and that choice was that I would sit out. I wouldn’t participate in this criminal activity.
We live in a world where our politicians are selected by a few and those coming in are shut out if they don’t tow the party line. We live in a world where social clubs choose who represent us, and that representation is distorted at best. We live in a world where true statesmen, true candidates are black balled and pushed out of the public eye via media owned and operated by such social clubs. We live in a world where men like Derrick Grayson are ostracized and condemned for simply standing up for simple concepts like the Constitution.
So, who am I going to vote for?
The answer is no one. Not until the political process can gain some common sense and allow men or women on the ballot that actually intend to make a difference. I have no intention of participating with a system that is only inspired by winning; I have every intention of participating with a system inspired by winning the rights of the people, the voice of the people, the free exercise of the people. If either party wants my vote (hardee har har) then they are going to have to make some serious changes. The first of which, is allowing honest candidates the floor and the spotlight.Had the Republican Party given Derrick Grayson the attention he deserved, they would have won this race hands down. However, due to bias and a pretentious need to carry the status quo, this option was not open to me as well as several other Georgia voters.
So I think my final thought on the matter is that until the political parties begin to allow real candidates to run, rather than the Coke or Pepsi options, count me out. I want no part of the scheme.

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