Shorter University Suspends Student: Politically Motivated?


Rawson is pictured with Former Congressman Ron Paul at a Young American’s for Liberty event.


Marshall Rawson was just suspended from Shorter University for exercising his right to refuse an unwarranted search of his car while on the university campus. For refusing, it was assumed that he was in possession of a firearm on campus. He is a member of Young American’s for Liberty and several other youth activist groups focused on Conservative Christian values.


Jesse Sargent, a close friend of Rawson, had this to say about the incident:


“Shorter University is supposed to be a Christian college, but based on the slanderous rumors that were spread around its campus accusing Marshall as if he were a racist white supremacist, (though some of his biggest supporters in this are Americans of African descent,) I personally find it hard to believe that the dean of the school, Mr. Corey Humphries hasn’t played the race card a little too hard this time,


Sargent went on to say,

Marshall Rawson has been an excellent student, but caught the attention of Humphries on Constitution Day, when he and other members of Young Americans for Liberty held a silent, peaceful demonstration on campus sporting empty holsters and carrying signs advocating campus carry and the Second Amendment. Mr. Humphries called a halt to the event for his own personal beliefs against the 2nd Amendment. Mr. Humphries then proceeded to place the group, Young Americans for Liberty on probation, and meetings had to be moved off campus.

The information involving this case has been well documented; including an audio recording* of the students last meeting with the Dean, at which time he was questioned about matters completely unrelated to academics, to include political affiliations and who he would vote for in the upcoming elections; the police were called to search his car; the police however refused to conduct an illegal search and instead informed a then outraged Humphries that all he could legally do was ask Marshall to leave.

Humphries then suspended Marshall without the possibility of an appeals process until the Spring of 2016.

For more information, please contact attorney Alex Johnson at 770-670-6216.


* Will attach URL of the recording shortly

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